website positioning What is WEBSITE POSITIONING? In internet marketing, website positioning, or Organic SEO, is a set of actions aimed to achieve the highest positions in organic results of Google’s search engine specific keywords.

Originally, the word positioning referred to the perception of a product or brand by its customers.
In this sense, to position a product, companies emphasize its distinctive features (what it is, how it works) or create a specific image (e.g. inexpensive or premium) through the appropriate marketing mix.

In the concept, we mean the ongoing activity of organic SEO and permanent growth of website’s positions in Google SERP, called Website Positioning.


But What is the difference between Website Positioning and organic website growth?

Web Positioning is the same process but accelerated in a few times. i.e. when you created your website, after a time it will have some positions in Google, but how much time it will take?

With a help of us, this process will take much less time, and your website will earn much higher positions in Google’s ranking with more competitive queries.

What affects the positions of website in search engines?

To imply web positioning effectively, you need to know about what affects the ranking of pages.
It’s not easy because Google prepares a list of search results based on several hundred factors.
The most important elements that SEO specialists pay attention to include:

SEO ranking factors

Technical Site Optimization:

  • use of Title and Description meta tags
  • appropriate structure of H1-H6 headers
  • internal linking structure
  • HTML correctness
  • page loading speed
  • website responsivity and adaptive design
  • SSL certificate and secure HTTPS protocol.

Website Content Elements:

  • volume of text on the website
  • content quality and uniqueness
  • keywords and key phrases density

Off-site Factors:

  • the number of inbound links and their quality
  • inbound links growth rate

Positive Noice in Social Media

  • Social networks indirectly affect the site’s position in search results.
  • Being a place of content distribution and also serve as a tool for communication with users.
  • Having accounts in popular social media brings benefits for website traffic.

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Benefits of Web Positioning – direct impact on website traffic

High positions in SERP turns into a higher number of visits.
The higher the domain position in the search engine, the more it will visited

About one third of users visits the site clicking the 1st link of search results, about 1/5  goes from 2nd and only 1/15 from the 5th.
The search results from the first page of SERP are the most important, giving your domains more then 90% of incoming traffic.

The second page of search results accumulates only 5%, and the third is usable only for users with the special needs.

In addition to increased website traffic, effective web positioning also ensures increased brand recognition and competitive advantage.
The site often appearing in search results for various niche phrases is better remembered by potential customers.

Process of Web Positioning

Website positioning is a continuous process that requires commitment at every stage.

SEO does not take effect for some time, and achieving a position in TOP3 does not guarantee that the site will stay in this place for the next months.
Stages of the positioning process

According to our standards, the website positioning service consists of the following stages:

Preparatory activities and signing of the contract,
Proper positioning.

After the initial familiarization with the site and the industry, the specialist contacts the client.

The first conversation is to find out the expectations and needs of the domain owner, website history, and undertaken SEO activities.
Even before signing the contract, the following is carried out:

Analysis of Website (SEO Audit)

Backlink profile, Website structure, CMS, possibility to improve code – all of them affect on time and complexity that will be spent on process of web positioning of this website.

Also important is whether website has been imposed any penalties from Google.

Niche Competition Analysis

Competition analysis.
The niche in which the client operates is of great importance for the success of web positioning process.

Thanks to experience and knowledge, our SEO specialists can determine how long it will take to achieve high positions in search results depending on the niche of the website and the competition of websites operating in the same field.

The main web positioning process consists of the following stages:

Keyword Researches

The selection of keywords and phrases for web positioning is a key stage conditioning the effectiveness of further actions.
It is worth choosing keywords related to the website offers and content and directing the interested targeted traffic to your site.

Website Audit and Technical Optimization

Website audit, fixing of website errors and preparing of SEO recommendations.
At this stage, we adapt the website to the requirements of Google.

Sometimes just implementing the recommendations after SEO audit can result in a rise in Google’s rankings.

Content Marketing

Unique, interesting and SEO – optimized content is popular in search results.

We prepare content according our clients’ needs and adapting it for the effective indexing by search engine bots.
The engaging content has a huge impact on rankings in search results – we provide SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing as well.

Link Bulding – Tool for the Site Popularity and Trust

Valuable links from the trustful and relative resources will contribute to achieving a high position in search results and building a diversified profile of inbound links.
The link building strategy is prepared individually for each website. We only use safe and white-hat methods.

Analytics and Statistics

We systematically conduct website analyzes to verify the effectiveness of chosen strategy.
The effectiveness is checked by means of, among others Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
Based on the results of the analysis, we may prepare new SEO recommendations.

After the final negotiations, we start working on our client’s website.
We analyze the effectiveness of actions and if domain visibility is not satisfactory, we make changes in SEO, adding content, obtaining new links.
Effective web positioning is aimed at increasing the traffic to website and should increase the conversion rate. We care at every stage of web positioning process.

You don’t have time to work with all aspects of SEO?

Entrust us your website positioning!

When web positioning effects can be expected?

Web Positioning gives results after some time, depending on complexity, so you need to be patient when cooperating with web positioning company.
The process is sometime long (more then 3 months) and complex, but it brings the expected results in the increased number of visits to your site and increase in conversion rate.

Effective website positioning cannot be treated as a one-time action, because then it does not bring lasting results.

Achieving a position in TOP3, TOP5 or TOP10 in a given period does not guarantee that your website will stay there for several consecutive months. Ranking of search results is created on the basis of many factors, that are constantly evaluated by the search engine algorithms.

How much does website positioning cost?

The cost of website positioning depends on many factors, and it’s a reason why the SEO services are usually priced individually after analyzing the client’s website and it’s niche and after talking about the business goals.

Web positioning price is affected by the niche, where the client operates, the competition of key phrases (the less competitive the key phrase, the cheaper the service and faster results), the quality of website (content, structure, CMS), domain age, the number of keywords selected for web positioning, existing link profile, possible penalties imposed on the website by Google search algorithms.

The website positioning price list is individually tailored to the needs and expectations of the website owner.

Organic SEO Posicionamiento Web SEO

Search Engine Positioning / Organic SEO guarantees the high positions?

SEO Agencies are taking measures to improve the website’s rankings, but they cannot guarantee a specific positions in the search results.
The ranking is ruled by Google and often introduces sudden and unexpected changes that affect the order in which websites are displayed.

In addition, positions in SERP can be affected by:

  • changes in search engine’s algorithms responsible for the ranking
  • actions of the competition
  • hacker attacks
  • errors in the page code
  • problems related to the server malfunctioning.

The task of the SEO specialist is to react on emerging changes and adapt SEO strategies to protect the website from significant drops in the ranking.

Correctly or promptly implemented corrective or preventive actions can make it easier to maintain high positions.


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