web promotionWhat is meant by SEM? In the concept, we mean the ongoing activity of organic SEO and permanent growth of website’s positions in Google SERP, called Search Engine Marketing. But What is the difference between Search Engine Marketing and organic website growth? SEM is the same process but accelerated in a few times. i.e. when you created your website, after a time it will have some positions in Google, but how much time it will take? With a help of us, this process will take much less time, and your website will earn much higher positions in Google’s ranking with more competitive queries.

How do we manage this?

No matter what they say, the main factor now is the website traffic and on-site user’s behavior, because it’s beeing monitored by search engines. But you can not increase website traffic using traffic (once i read this on some seo phorum). This is an oxymoron.

Advertising in search engines (like Google ads) is also a very doubtful assistant in this matter, because when you stop paying for it, the traffic will immediately decrease.

But with a help of organic SEO and number of our tricks and tactics, we attract visitors to your website from search engines by relevant queries, traffic is increasing and accordingly, the website’s positions in search results are growing. Higher positions – more traffic. The More traffic – the higher positions. And so on. But sure, the traffic should be relevant and going from the search engines by relevant queries.

SEM is not a one-time process – it’s necessary to constantly maintain the website on the achieved rankings and control the website traffic. We can help you with this matter, since Search Engine Marketing is our profession for more than 14 years, since the very beginning of this activity.


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