on-page seoWhat is OnPage SEO?

The most important part of the Organic SEO. None of 3-rd party factors and Offpage SEO might compensate thin and irrelevant content.

  • Website Architecture
    well-planned website architecture gives the preferences not only with Organic SEO, but with a user-friendly interface, makes navigation easier and allows the users to stay longer on your website
  • Thin Content
    means that page doesn’t have enough content to be relevant to search terms of predefined keyword. Each page should be at least a bit different even you describe a few instances of the same product or service. Copy / paste is a bad idea in anyway.
  • Duplicate Content
    Duplicate content is bad, but sometimes, when you describe the exact concepts, like search engine optimisation, you don’t have  a chance to write about it literary or poetically. Aswell, the websites often offer the same goods (p.e. PC peripherals), thus all tips in these cases are not entirely true. By my mind, you just should have a tiny difference in content, othetwise you will be misunderstood by your customers.

Content should be unique, but without any phanatism. Google notices the similar content, but if he’d penalize everyone for that, all the news resources would be banned.  Copy / paste is bad without any doubts.

  • Keywords Relevancy
    webpages on your website should be relevant to the keywords that users will be searching for, thus such keywords should be presented in webpage’s content. But do it organically, don’t overload your content with keywords. The content overlaoded by keywords might be unreadable, making users leaving your website

Check your website’s users behaviour: how much time do they spend on your website, from where they come and where they leave – every visit from the search engines will be noticed by SE, and if the user returns to SE after spend just a few seconds on your website, that’s a negative user’s behavior. After a time, the Search Engines will treat your webpage as irrelevant for this keyword and will lower your website in search engine result page.

On-page SEO is applicable for any existing website, if you order us SEO Website, you will get it with all On-page SEO works completed.


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