off-page seoWhat is Off Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a complex of website related actions, being fulfilled outside of it.

Link Building

About Inbound links from other websites, we’d like to tell again, that its perfect for relevant and quality backlinks, the links from spammy resources maybe toxic for your website. Be attentive for their diversity in anchors and link types (url, brand, anchor, etc.) Reciprocal links is not worth enough at this time as before.

Social Media Profiles

Take care to have social media profiles, but it depends on what do you offer – there is no use from posting in Instagram the photos of heavy machinery or something like. Quite every social network basically has its  own auditorium. But the link from social network’s profile will never hurt your website, better say, will be useful for it.

Blogs / Forums Guest Posting

When you write some useful information on 3-rd party people’s resources in your niche, it may be rewarded by the search engines, bacuse of relevant link to your website (from your profile or post). It’s not easy because of mandatory moderation and the fact that people doesn’t like weblinks on their websites. But if you really place an interesting articles, they usually allow to do so.

Video and Podcasting

At the present time, people usually read the texts diagonally, so the video or informative clip may be much more useful. And to have from that the multiple links pointing from Youtube to your website

SEO Articles

Write articles and place them in article directories. Well-written and SEO articles with embedded links to your website products or services will attract users and be appraised by the search engines


Branding in organic SEO is a second stage, by my humble opinion. Before the users will start to search you by name / brand you should be known first. Unknown XYZ company will never be searched in web except the existing customers. Thus will be better to become known for your products or services first and than pass to Branding promotion.

In internet publications i saw many times that branding is a must and the first stage of SEO (up to 90% of inbound link anchors  should be a brand name). I accept it only if you are Elon Reeve Musk, but if you sell some common product, you’d better start with the best offer of this product. How do you think?

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Off-Page SEO is applicable for any existing website


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