E-commerce SEO – Organic SEO for online stores

ecommerce seo, e-commerce seoFind out how important e-commerce SEO and what you will gain from it.  High positions for your products in search engines.

E-commerce SEO is an important element of Internet marketing, strengthening the recognition of your company’s brand, but it’s not a main purpose of online store SEO.

The main goal of your online store is to sell your products, thus generate and increase revenues and profits, and in this case E-commerce SEO (effective web positioning of online stores) will help you.

E-commerce SEO helps to get high positions in search engine result pages, that primarily allows you to gain new and returning customers for your online store.

    • Increase in traffic and visibility

Stable and incremental increase in online store visibility means building a strong and recognizable brand for your company in the industry, but also increasing traffic from search results.

    • Gaining new customers

Stable visibility increasing of your online store gives you recognizable brand in your niche, also increasing traffic from search results.

    • Customers who return

A solid, recognizable and visible brand in Internet is a chance for customers who will choose your online store again instead of the competition.
Organic SEO

Effective Ecommerce SEO

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The process of Ecommerce SEO

Is Ecommerce organic SEO different from website organic SEO?

E-commerce SEO is primarily a larger scale of the project. For website SEO, we can focus on a specific list of key phrases or an overall increase in visibility. The e-commerce SEO is similar, however, we are dealing with a much more extensive structure, that at the same time creates more opportunities – more key phrases, more traffic, more possible customers to acquire, more sales and profits.

Effective SEO for online stores is a process where the most important step is to prepare the right strategy at the very beginning of cooperation. Online store audit, keywords researches and accurate determination of potential will allow you to plan the most effective actions that will quickly begin to result in an increase of the key phrases positions in SE rankings, an increase in high quality traffic from organic search results and sales of the company’s products during an SEO campaign.

Stages of SEO Process:

There are many sales platforms available on the market for companies offering products and services in a given industry, and each of them has its own features.

  • Competition analysis and e-store SEO audit

Competition analysis and SEO audit answers the question “how to market” online stores in Google search results allows for additional comparison and finding areas that need improvement as part of online store positioning.

  • Key words/phrases researches

In e-commerce, the list of phrases (keywords) is dynamic – with increasing traffic and visibility of e-store, new potential keywords appear.

That is why it is important to choose the best keywords that will generate the next key phrases, building visibility, increasing the positions of long tails (long tail keywords) in the search results.

  • On-Page SEO – online store optimization

At this stage, we remove all identified problems in e-store resulting from the SEO audit.

Thanks to SEO optimization, your online store can grow – significantly increase your visibility on key phrases and high-quality organic traffic from search results.

  • Link building

Link Building is a tedious and lengthy process, but extremely important in e-commerce industry.
This is evidenced by the fact that Google’s algorithms assess the positioning of online store also in terms of the quantity and quality of links leading to it.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing strategy (content marketing) is already an inseparable element of every online store.Unique and attractive product descriptions are no longer sufficient.

For successful online store marketing in search results, e-store content (including product descriptions) should not be created only for search engine robots.It’s necessary to provide content as well attractive for the users.

  • Monitoring the effects of SEO actions

We constantly keep an eye on the effects of our e-commerce SEO. External SEO tools (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Search Console) as well as proprietary solutions help us in this case. A rich toolset and experience allow us to respond not only to changes in search results, turmoil in the search engine market or problems with the operation of the store, but also to new opportunities for further increase in store traffic and position.

Ecommerce SEO – Benefits

Find out what you will gain by investing in this type of online advertising for your store.

Increase in profits and sales

Your online store becomes visible in search results and gets more potential customers, thanks to this fact you can increase your sales during the online store SEO campaign.

Brand awareness and trust

E-commerce SEO is also building your image in the niche and in Internet globally. By taking care of the reputation and key phrases visibility in search results, you gain new and returning customers and trust.

Low cost and high ROI

e-commerce SEO comparing to the other forms of marketing is still the most profitable form of store advertising, as well as products and services, allowing for stable results and high positions of key phrases.

New and returning customers

With the increase in sales is the main goal of positioning your online store. Customers will reach you thanks to online visibility and brand awareness in the niche.


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