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Web Design & Web Development

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What is Web Design & Web Development?

Web design is a comprehensive process of website development – its layout, user interface and content.

It involves planning, creating and implementing files with page code, responsible for the entire structure of website, including layout, graphics, colors, text styles and multimedia.

Website design – what do we offer?

Our skills and many years of experience of our team enable us to design websites effectively.
We create visually attractive and functional websites adapted to the requirements of search engines.
Our website have intuitive interfaces, attractive and light design, so the users have no problems to navigate, they gladly visit them and finding usable.

All our websites are being individually tailored for each clients, no any common templates.

If the customer’s concept is not fully defined, we help determine the details of the construction and configuration of the elements.
We design boxes, buttons and navigation and full layout for to give the best of website appearance.


The first impression of the website is important, especially when it’s intended to promoting online business activities.
Even a cursory analysis of the site by user affects the image of the company that remains in his mind.

We are well aware of this, that’s why we help to ensure a professional and attractive website that will keep the possible customer for longer.

Our graphic website design:
  • attracts users attention
  • increase the interest
  • has clear and intuitive layout
  • adapted to the specified niche

When building websites, we implement Responsive Web Design technology, allowing you to adjust the page layout to any browser window size.
As a result, such websites display correctly on both computer screens and smartphones or tablets.

The customer no longer needs to think about creating a mobile version of the website.


While working on website creation, we use solutions that allow you to make changes to website without any coding.
Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to add new or update existing content on website.
The intuitive panel has a simple editor, allowing you to change any information, and the texts appearance – size, fonts etc.

By default, we offer CMS Drupal 7/8, compelling and flexible CMS. But we work with any kinds of popular CMS, like Joomla, WordPress, ModX, Bitrix etc.


We specialize in search engine positioning and SEO optimization.
We remember this by creating websites from scratch, tailoring them not only to the needs of users, but also according to search engine’s recommendations (Google guidelines).

The websites already SEO optimized, for the further web positioning and SEO marketing.

Why the services of a professional web designer are worth of it?
A professional web designer knows how to create a website coherent, transparent and easy-to-use.
A thorough approach to website design process will guarantee your company a number of benefits.

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We develop a unique website so it will highlight your company’s credibility and make it stand out from competitors.
Customers are highly likely to visit such websites and in this way increase conversion and CTR.


Websites visitors want to find information quickly and easily.
We take it into account when designing your website.

We create easy-to-use navigation, so the user will easily find on your site anything he was looking for, and as a result – to become your customer.

  • visitors of the most websites should be able to focus on the most important information right away.
  • A good layout goes well with the whole visual identity of the brand.
  • The colors are also important.
  • The website should have a fixed palette of colors corresponding to the logo, not overwhelming the user with excess.
  • However, using contrasts will highlight important areas on your website, such as call-to-action buttons or links.
  • “The simpler, the better” – designing in accordance with this principle will help the users navigate your site and search for interesting content.
  • Thoughtful navigation means that users can easily reach the selected section of the website.
  • The breadcrumbs are very popular, it allows to view the user’s current location within the site and easily find links to previously viewed pages.
  • The use of such a path is good for SEO and effectively supports the indexing process.



Websites built using content management systems (CMS) give you the chance to quickly edit and delete texts.
Content elements play a key role for the users.
Depending on the website type, they may be of different forms: products or services descriptions, company notes, guides, any information, news, etc
A valuable message requires a visual setting to catch the user’s attention.
The website design should therefore provide areas for various types of multimedia, as well as tools for publishing them.
Video, photos, widgets of social networks will not only make more attractive look, but also will become a carrier of additional content.


  • A website is not only a design. It’s the face of your company in the web.
  • It has to be well presented (design), be smart (content ), SEO friendly and has an intuitive UI (user interface).
  • In addition to website development, we may add such extra features like forums, integration with popular social networks etc.
  • If you plan to sell via Internet – we will create e-store with all necessary functionality.

Within the process of website development, your site already will be in google search.
Only well-tailored and SEO-friendly websites appear in google search by itself (without web positioning it doesn’t mean that they will appear in top 10, but in top 100, that is also a result for those, who know).


Long loading time, complicated navigation, absence of sitemap, non-friendly URLs – these are just examples of problems that can effectively discourage the user from continuing to use your website.
We develop websites based on many years of experience, that’s why we know the mistakes to avoid. In addition, we effectively secure websites against hacker attacks and DDoS.

Designing a website should take into account the standards of optimization in terms of SEO & website development and proceed with the thought of the user who will navigate it. For a website to be fully user-friendly and meet the needs of the website owner, it must contain several mandatory elements.

Website Responsiveness (Adaptivity)

More than 60% of people in the world browse pages on phones or tablets.
Therefore, the site must be adapted to screens with lower resolution.
The mobile version has slightly different features than the page displayed on PC.
It does not have to be so detailed, but it should be legible, easy to navigate and convenient to use – e.g. buttons must be of adequate size so the user will not have a problem with a click.

The responsiveness of a website or e-store is also important in terms of SEO and website development.
Mobile-friendly websites achieve higher positions in search results due to Google’s “Mobile First”.

  • How can you enforce the user to stay longer on site?
  • Any elements encouraging interaction will be helpful.
  • Comments, clear contact forms, online chat or social networks referring buttons – all of them are being used on effective websites.

However, the use of such elements should be smart and adapted to the company’s activity.
The interactivity of the website gives you the chance to build communication with visitors.
it will give you access to feedback on your website itself, as well as services rendered or products offered.

Take care of a professional website – let our specialists develop a project that will attract a wide group of users.
Our websites are functional, intuitive and adapted to many niches standards. We can make your company stand out on the web!


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