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UI UX Optimization

UI UX Impact on Organic SEO

ui ux optimization

What is UX and UI

  • What is the difference between UX and UI?
  • How UI influences UX?
  • What elements affect UI and UX?


How UI improves UX – UI design also affects user experience and impacts on organic SEO factors


How do you know how good your site’s user interface (UI) is?
The easiest and most reliable way (advice from SEO specialist, can be considered as a joke):

  • find a drunk slacker
  • ask him to make a purchase on your site using smartphone
  • if he succeeds, everything is fine
  • if not, we look at his user experience and make changes until he succeeds


What is UI or User Interface

UI (user interface) is a set of elements to interact with a web page:

  • Menu
  • Modal windows
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Links
  • Content

For example, to add a product to cart, it is a “Buy” button in UI of E-Store.

Read also” in the sidebars – in order to see additional materials.


What is UX or user experience

UX or user experience – user perception and reactions for interaction with a service or product. UX includes emotions, expectations, preferences, personal perceptions, physical, mental and behavioral responses that occur before, during and after interaction.


Not just a set of site elements shapes the user experience. Customer’s UX of online store is affected by:

  • Assortment of goods
  • Prices
  • Availability of convenient payment methods
  • Availability of convenient delivery methods
  • Cost of delivery
  • Product quality
  • The quality of packaging
  • Possibility to return or exchange goods
  • call center operator’s manners of dialog


UX is not affected by only objective factors, but some personal factors are also shaping the user experience.

Who is a UX designer?

The designer, in the usual sense of the word, has no complete control over the UX. Complementary colors are useless if you’re selling a low-quality product. Web-designer, even if called a UX designer, cannot completely shape the user experience.


User Experience is a personal experience that a designer cannot control, he can only influence on it.


Nevertheless, UI designer, through UI and visual layout of the site, influences the UX. Others specialists also effect on the user experience:

  • The author and editor help the visitor to find the necessary information on site
  • Web developer creates web pages
  • manufacturer produces a quality product that visitors buy come for
  • sales manager helps the customer understand what product he needs




HOW to improve UX


improve UX with informative anchors


Link anchors like “here”, “read more” or “there” reduce the usability of UI and impair UX. Most users will overcome it, as they can read the surrounding text and understand where the link follows.


Recommendation blocks improve UX and improve website performance


Adding a recommendation block to UI is a simple and effective way to improve the user experience. This is true for both content sites and e-commerce. Online stores using recommendation blocks such as “See also” or “related products” increase conversion and increase the purchase worth.


The recommendation block makes the UI more convenient, improves the UX and increases the purchase volume


To improve user experience, remove the sidebar


In a good UI there should not be unnecessary elements. Removing the sidebar is one of the ways to remove unnecessary elements from UI and improve UX. In this case, the improvement of UX is transformed into an increase of efficiency of the site.
Removing the sidebar makes the page interface simpler and more efficient


Visual feedback revives user interface and makes the user happy


Visual responsive interface elements help the visitor to enjoy the page and improve the UX. Examples:


  • Change the button on hover
  • Changing the color of the field or other visual confirmation of the correct filling of the form
  • Progress bar changes as you scroll the page

The simplest example of visual responsiveness is changing the appearance of an element on hover.


Empty spaces between the blocks on-page makes the interface more convenient


White / empty spaces emphasize interface elements, help users find the content or certain functionality. To improve UI and UX, add such spaces between the blocks on-page.


UI is an important part of UX, and UX is a whole