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Local SEO

Local SEO UK or in any specific country

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Local SEO


UK Local SEO services and any types of Local SEO in specific country is a type of search engine optimization that allows a company to rank higher in local search results, e.g. in UK.
Local SEO implies the ranking of your site firstly in organic search results for Geo-dependent queries.



Local SEO strategy is most applicable for:


  • Companies having actual points of sale or service: retails, banks, cafés, beauty salons, travel companies etc.
  • Companies operating in a specific geographic area, such as delivery services, bakeries or fitness centres;
  • online stores having pick-up points or points of sale.

Interesting fact: users who search by local queries are closest to making a purchase.
According to Google, 76% of users who are looking for goods or services “near me” visit a point of sale within a day, 28% of these requests are converted into a purchase.
Companies that don’t use a local SEO strategy become invisible to most users. This is how they lose a significant proportion of search traffic, which is highly likely to be converted into sales.


If you want clients to find your business more often, you should take care to incorporate Local SEO into your overall marketing strategy for your business. So, you will not miss any potential customer who is ready to buy your product or service.


International SEO


What is local SEO and how it works


What is Local SEO? This is an excellent opportunity for companies that provide services within a certain locality / region to compete profitably in search with large organizations that operate throughout the country or even several states. What is the essence of this approach?


To improve the relevance of search results, Google is continuously working on personalized search results for each user. Such results are especially influenced by the region where the user making a search.


For example, if you want to find a photographer while in Baltimore, the highest positions in your search results shown will be the sites of photographers from Baltimore. This approach is user-friendly and provides excellent opportunities for promoting a local company. Local SEO allows you to maximize your SERP rankings within your locality.


What you should take care when doing local SEO?


In addition to common SEO ranking criteria, the following factors affect local search results:

  • actual address of the company (state / postcode / city / county – for the USA; province / city / locality for Europe);
  • availability in Google My Business, Google Maps;
  • backlink profile;
  • reviews and ratings of users from your locality;International SEO
  • keywords / key phrases;
  • domain zone (in some cases in Europe).


Let’s go into details:


Actual address of your company


Everything is clear, the closer your company to the user’s current locality, the higher the likelihood of getting into his local search results. But to get it, you should tell the search engine exactly where you can be found.


Information in Google my business card – the ranking is influenced by the current actual address, valid phone number, the availability of working hours, catalog of goods or services, availability of photographs, etc.

You should indicate the actual address on the main page of your website and in microdata.
Registration in services


Google uses any sources to collect data about your company. One of the most important is the Google My Business, where you can also indicate your location on a map. In GMB, companies post data about themselves, and customers / users can leave ratings and reviews.


In addition to the fact that this service allows you to get into advanced search results, including image search, it can also act as a source of traffic to your resource by itself.
It is important to provide complete information about your company when registering an account. Learn more about registering with My Business and Google Maps. All the data should be actual – if you changed the address, you should update in not only onsite, but also in your Google Maps / My Business account As Soon As Possible.


Link Profile


External backlinks affecting rankings since a long time, and it’s no secret. But for local search results, it is important to pay special attention to trustful web resources of your country / locality. To improve your rankings, try to get backlinks primarily from the following sources:


  • local resources;
  • national business directories;
  • thematic forums in your locale


This will not only allow you to effectively build your link profile, but will also increase the overall visibility and recognition of your company in the certain country / locality.


Users Activity


Users Behavioural factors on your site, the number and positive ratings on other local resources and services, as well as reviews improve your site rankings in the local search.
To get a local rankings advances, motivate your own customers to write positive reviews of your company. You may use various discounts and bonuses. Positive reviews about your company on trustful resources also motivate your customers.


Keywords selection


Geo specific keywords and phrases allow you to rank higher for a query that includes the name of a city or area. Commonly, such queries have a rather low frequency, and therefore many ignore them. But if someone is looking for your services in your city, he is much more looking like ready to buy it.


Also, worth specifying the name of the city in the title tags and page URLs. Thus, the search engine will consider your content as the most relevant for the certain locality.
In addition to high conversion rate, there is relatively low competition for “long-tail keywords” queries. It facilitates the task to get the first positions in the local SERP.


Local SEO is a great tool for increasing the visibility of small businesses in local search results. With the Local SEO, you can maximize targeted leads to your site. Thus, a small firm becomes a serious competitor to any large company in your city.


Sign up to google my business


  • when registering, the user enters information about the company;
  • the company must have an actual address and indicate the methods of direct communication with customers;
  • if necessary, you can change your data at any time;
  • after registration, the company must be verified;


After the end of registration, the user has access to manage the company card.
(details in Google Help)


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