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Tiered Link Building from £0.1 per 1st Tier High DA link

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International SEO Link Building Services


Link building – an important part of website marketing strategy, driving relevant traffic to your site and boost your positions on Google.
Inbound links are like the road signs, pointing to your website, but for the visitors and search engines bots.



NB Inbound backlinks from high-quality websites drive relevant traffic to your site and build trust and authority. Whether your website well-tailored, SEO optimized, niche related, having a good content and popular goods / services, then the inbound links help a lot.


NB: Your website should meet core web vitals, (it means that majority of pages should pass CWV). If you don’t have PRO website, we may create a such for you.

Yes, the link building process is usually next by the website development, but it gives the huge preferences in SEO factors over the competitors.

There are lots of LINK BUILDING variants to have good results, but the best one is SEO strategy, using TIERED LINK BUILDING.




£0.1 per 1st Tier High DA link


1st tier – 500 links

2nd tier – 5,000 links

3rd tier – 25,000 links


Total Amount: Link Building Package Cost – Only £50!!!





Tier Link Building


tired link building


Quality backlinks is the best way to increase your rankings and boost your site to the top 10 of Google

We offer effective link building strategy:

  • Multi-tired links (1-2-3-4 tiers)
  • Authority sites




high da links - linkbuilding package

High quality authority websites


  • Only high quality backlinks from authority websites.
  • No junk and spammy websites.
  • All Backlinks are High DA (see the right column) sites.
  • 100% White hat
  • Mix of DoFollow & NoFollow backlinks.










edu gov links - linkbuilding package

EDU / GOV (EDU.* / GOV.*) Websites

  • The tens of authority .edu / .gov (.edu.* / .gov.*) sites
  • Included the package
  • Included as a Bonus



Powerful Link Booster Package:


up to 1,000,000 Tier 2 backlinks

(Normally – For each Tier 1 Link x 100 Tier 2 Links)

All possible sources (articles, web profiles, social networks, social bookmarks, URL redirects etc.)

  • The great and powerful booster for Tier 1 backlinks (or existing backlinks of your site) – boost authority of your existing Tier 1 backlinks
  • Also perfect as a Tier 1 if you want to rank your Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy stores, YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, any other social media.
  • Being processed using AI
  • Maximum of Dofollow links

Link building services cost:


  • £49 – PROMO High DA Backlinks Package
  • £149 – Backlinks Link Booster package
  • Pinging the backlinks for faster indexing is FREE for PROMO package


(SEO Small Business & SEO Domination) – NO EXTRA CHARGE

Long-Tail SEO




How many URLs and keywords can be used in one order?

No matter how many, but fewer URLs – more backlinks for each one. For the best results, the keywords should be diversified, so you may provide the primary keywords, and we will choose the necessary diversity of backlink anchors, including your brand, URL, primary, secondary and LSI anchors.


Do you guarantee the growth of Rankings?

Yes, sure, we do. It takes from 2 weeks to 2 months to index on Google. (But first, we inspect your site for its quality – if your site doesn’t meet necessary requirements, we will advise you about it before we’ll start to handle your order)


You guarantee that backlinks will be posted on specific sites?

In general, yes, but the list of sites changes from time to time within 20% due to the changes on those sites.
We are temporarily unable to place backlinks links on some sites. But Tier 1 backlinks (links pointing to your Money Site) are always from authority and trusted sites with high DA.


What languages website/keywords do you accept?

– We accept any language website / any keywords.


What do you need to get started?

Together with payment, we ask for your website’s URL and targeted keywords / key phrases. Then, we will do the rest.


Do you provide reports?

Yes, a full detailed report in Excel (PROMO package). Negotiable format for Backlinks Booster package


How many backlinks will I get?

Not less than 500 of Tier1 (and consequently not less than 5000 of Tier 2 backlinks). All Tier 1 backlinks from High DA sites.


What about the additional indexing service you provide to backlinks?

Backlinks to your sites increase your ranking in search engines. But, not everyone knows that a backlink is not worth much if the search engines didn’t index it. Usually, it takes from 2 weeks up to 6 months for Google to index a backlink. We can speed up the process for you, by pinging your backlinks. Pinging refers to sending auto-generated notifications to search engine spiders, telling them that the page has been updated and needs to be re-crawled. No additional fee for PROMO package and for Link Booster package.


What means Tiered backlinks?

Tier 1 are the backlinks linking to your Money Site. Such backlinks are placed on high DA resources. (PROMO package)
Tier 2 – Tier 3 (Tier 4 – Tier 5 for bespoke packages) are the backlinks linking to a blog, page, etc., that contain links to the upper tier. The juice of lower tier backlinks is being passed to the upper tiers and finally, being on maximum, from Tier 1 to your Money Site.


What is the Link Booster Package with up to 1 million backlinks for?

It’s mainly for boosting 2-3-4 tier links (in general it’s useful for Tier 2)

For example, your website has 100 – 200 backlinks already, you boost the existing backlinks instead of purchasing more new ones.

As well, this method is often used to promote Amazon stores, eBay stores, Shopify stores, Etsy stores, YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.


I’m not sure, what do you advise for better results?


  • If you don’t have an online store on eBay, Amazon, etc., order PROMO Package and after a time the Backlinks Booster Package
  • If you already ordered the PROMO Package, order Backlinks Booster Package
  • If you want to promote an online store on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc., or your social accounts like FB page, Twitter, etc., order Backlinks Booster Package



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