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Bespoke SEO Plan 2023

Custom SEO Packages
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You don’t like Flat SEO rates? We will offer you something else!


Bespoke SEO plan


We will offer you the Bespoke SEO plan!


– you are intended to sell the car parts on your site, let it be “BMW parts”;


So, let’s go


1. Keyword researches


First you have to do is to make the keyword research, creating a list of certain related keywords for your site (£99)

How the keywords list looks like?

It looks so


It’s supposed that you already have the appropriate content on your site and on the relevant landing page (if you don’t, you will need the copywriting services as well)

We are talking about the Small Business website. So, what we have to do?

We have to check the technical SEO of your website, fix the possible issues and optimize the appropriate pages for the keywords you selected


2. On-site SEO:


Technical SEO £99 (page loading speed, Core Web Vitals etc.)



page optimization:

10 pages included

(Additional pages optimization: £9 pounds/each)


including (but not only):

  • content optimization
  • titles optimization
  • headings optimization
  • meta-description
  • schema mark-up
  • reviews rating (optional)


3. Off-site SEO


Then we continue with off-site SEO to market your site:

including (but not only)

  • Link building
  • Social signals
  • Brand promotion


Cost: £299 pounds/mo.


So, your custom SEO package requires:


initial investment – from £99
monthly investment – from £299


approximate time frame to get top10 – 3-4 months
(for this particular example)


Gaining top 3-5-10 is not a one-moment action. It’s the result of qualitative SEO work and time-consuming process. We just make it good and boosting your rankings as fast as it could be possible using white-hat SEO methods.


—————–Here will be the SEO individual plan calculator soon for the best convenience————————


Currently, you can request your desired SEO services as a custom SEO package, just advising your domain and the keywords you are planning to have your site to be ranked.


We will send you our commercial offer with the best price

we will also appraise your opinion how to improve our services (and we’ll be quite thankful)


Request your custom SEO package now:



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