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Search Engine Optimization

How to Optimize my Website? SEO Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
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Search engine optimization goes along with website development. According to experience, people start to think about search engine optimization only after their comprehension, that WEBSITE DOES NOT WORK properly!

Often, because of amazing design and abundance of advertising materials on web pages, the site simply refuses to work normally. So, initially, instead of Website Internet Marketing and applying of quality SEO methods, we have to liquidate the damage to inappropriate work of web design studios, often very far from understanding of Website mission.

Search Engine Optimization begins with:


Optimization of web page headings.

Each page has the subject and if you wish to optimize a site for certain keywords, its better make it by means of <h1>,<h2>, <h3> tags. SEO is based on of a clear and convenient code creation both for search engines and users. So optimization of headings is important detail of SEO.


Tags are practically direct reference to search engines. Optimizing meta-tags: titles, description, keywords and robots helps search bots to understand web site structure, subject and volume faster. The number of indexed pages sometimes depends on meta tags. We recommend you to use this SEO mechanism, especially “title” and “description” tag for better indexing by search engines.


Google and other systems understand <a href>, <b>,<i>, <s>, <u>, <div>, <alt> better than users.Text and formatting is obligatory in SEO.

SEO – website structure optimization

  • Main principles of website structure optimization:
  • Each page should be responsible for one or two keywords.
  • The address of each page should be optimized for a corresponding keyword
  • the structure of pages should be transparent and clear for search engines’ robots
  • title and description of each page should be optimized for corresponding keywords
  • SEO content for each page
  • minimize graphic elements (images). Especially avoid to use JavaScript and Flash
  • Internal links. Internal links is a crucial point in SEO. Optimization of website internal links helps search engines to understand website content better.

SEO – website optimization for the users and search bots

For taking care of website quality, i.e. usability, it’s necessary not to regret money for a good copywriter. The text on your web pages should be not only optimized for Search Engines, but should be as well useful, interesting and clear. The information – structured, I didn’t list different qualities of content for you occasionally – it’s not necessary to focus only on Top placement in search engines. That’s no matter, if your website has a high trust, but your potential clients leave it disappointed, after visiting the home page and not having wanted to look the rest.

SEO is not scam

SEO Optimization is not a scam, it works for people. SEO does not try to deceive people; but contrary, website optimization should facilitate the communication between the users and qualitative website with products/services that they’re looking for.
How to Get #1 in Google with Organic SEO?

5 6 votes
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