SEO pricing. The price offer is prepared for each client individually after analyzing the client’s industry, key terms and website.

We recommend actions aimed at increasing website traffic and positions growth by many different key phrases settled in the form of a fixed monthly subscription.
We will do our best to reach the highest positions in Google’s SERP.

Wider actions give definitely more benefits to customers, they increase the traffic on their websites faster, increase the number of conversions than in the case of actions focused only on increasing the position on several selected key phrases.

Flat rate (subscription):

from 300 per month

  • auditing and developing recommendations for optimizing the client’s website,
  • keyword research – selection of key phrases related to the company’s activity,
  • long tail positioning for a large number of key phrases, allowing to direct a large number of users to website,
  • content marketing – copywriting or editing content for the site,
  • positions monitoring in customer panel,
  • constant analysis of Google Analytics and Google Search Console,
  • optimization of the company’s presence on Google Maps.

This is the most popular form of settlement enabling comprehensive positioning of websites in Google.

Terms of cooperation (payment amount, duration, scope of services) are known before signing the contract.

The advantage of this model is the ability to plan your budget.

The customer knows from the very beginning how much he will pay, he can also terminate the contract with a short notice.

Mixed Payment Models

Mixed payment forms for web positioning services combine the flat rate and extra fee:

A. for the specified positions achieved by certain key phrases,
B. Payment for conversions (applicable for the e-stores):

The web positioning service should contribute to achieving the company’s business goals.

Just high positions or increased website traffic do not necessarily mean an increase in sales and profit.

If these two elements do not go hand in hand, the website owner does not benefit from such cooperation.

We understand the needs of entrepreneurs in this area, which is why we offer the option of payment for conversions, where we take over part of responsibility for the effects generated by a positioned website.

As part of website positioning and conversion optimization, we may charge a monthly fee consisting of two components: a fixed basis and variable remuneration for conversions.

We approach each case individually and before starting cooperation, we appraise the worth of conversion taking into account the specifics of the business and set a base fee. The conversion can be for:

  • purchase in the online store,
  • sending an inquiry via the contact form,
  • making a call by clicking a phone number on the page.

As part of this service, we also perform standard works related to website positioning.

Thanks to this solution, we have one common goal – to increase conversions on the client’s website by increasing website traffic and conversion rate. When we manage to achieve it, the benefit is mutual.

C. Payment for traffic
Payment for traffic is a solution that we usually offer to big portals, large e-stores, information services or any websites with a large variety of content or products offered.
Also in this model, the customer bears the costs only for the results achieved.

Payment is calculated in such a way that Google Analytics statistics (usually organic inputs) are multiplied by the agreed rate for 1 click.
The rate, as in previous payment models, is priced based on the analysis of the website, industry and competition. The value of the traffic fee is from 0,03 per 1 session.

Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the most optimal offer that meets your requirements.

To receive a detailed offer with seo pricing containing the web positioning prices of your website, please contact us via the form.
We will prepare the commercial offer with detailed seo pricing within one business day.


seo pricing

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