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Professional SEO services by SEOHERO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means the process of website optimization for maximum visibility in search engines, to be on higher positions in search engine result pages (SERP).

Actions being taken are intended to obtain valuable traffic and targeted customers.

Organic SEO includes such actions as: SEO audit, keyword research, technical site optimization, link building, social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, UI/UX optimization etc.

organic seo services

Organic SEO Company

Our SEO company aimed to increase your website ranking to gain the highest positions in search engines by certain keywords. Being at the TOP of search results is an extremely effective (ROI) method of promoting your products or services in Internet.

SEO Plans & Packages

Our effective SEO packages 2021

All our SEO plans are monthly charge based. The main difference is quantity and competition of the keyword / key phrases you want your site to be highly ranked in search engines. We do not ask for yearly payments or any kind of subscription, you pay only for the current month.

SEO Small Business

SEO for small businesses
349 /  month
Effective SEO plan for small business sites. Low and medium competition industry.
20 keywords / key phrases
  • SEO Audit
  • Keywords Researches
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
SEO plan details

SEO Domination

SEO for high competition industry
599 /  month
Effective SEO plan for corporate and other business sites. Medium and high competition industry.
50 keywords / key phrases
  • SEO Audit
  • Keywords Researches
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
SEO plan details

SEO Custom

Individual high intensity SEO plan
999 /  month
Custom SEO plan for market intrusion. Applicable for corporate and E-commerce sites in high competition industry.
100+ keywords / key phrases
  • Site Audit & Analysis
  • Keyword Researches
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Social Media & Web Marketing
SEO plan details

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    organic seo company

    Organic SEO Benefits

    • increasing the company’s turnover
    • decrease of advertising costs
    • increase of credibility to your brand
    • continuously increasing number of new customers
    • Reaching the target audience of your goods / services
    • generating high traffic through various channels
    • high positions in search results
    • effective ROI

    SEO Services & Search Engine Marketing
    Effective SEO Key Points

    What is the most important for Organic SEO? When you create the website by your own, you may put your own quality content and optimize it as possible. Sometimes you may gain top 100 or even top 50 by your keywords / phrases.

    Organic SEO – is the same natural website growth, but accelerated several times as if it had ideal conditions and a few times less competition. So, the key points of importance:

    Organic SEO for websites in national languages

    English language is no doubt universal for over the world and the most of the websites are in English, but in case of European countries, there are a lot of websites in native languages.

    We offer SEO services for websites in any European language:
    French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish languages, etc.

    Though the most people in Europe prefer the same Google as a source of internet search, the tactics and strategies of Organic SEO are similar, but there are some nuances for each country.


    Let us growing
    your business with

    Climb to the top of search engines and your industry
    with our trusted and experienced SEO company.
    Learn how to make your website a great marketing tool.
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      Benefits of being in TOP of Google

      Over 75% of Internet users seeking information use search engines. 92% of Internet users consider them objective. Google is most popular.
      Most people don’t like ads, so they pay attention to the first 15 results in Google – that’s why it’s so important to take actions that will raise the position of your website.
      These activities are organic SEO, and it’s a series of actions aimed to reach the high positions in search engines by certain keywords. So, what are the benefits of this?

      Unlimited advertising space

      Almost everyone uses Internet today. Both young and old. We all browse websites using PC, tablets or smartphones.
      However, before we reach the website of our interest, we will most likely look for it in Google. Thanks to the visibility in organic search results, your website has a chance to appear there.

      Long-term effects

      Although professional Google web positioning takes time to get good results, in the vast majority of cases the results achieved are long-lasting.
      Thanks to the effective web promotion of your site, getting high positions in search results can be beneficial for a very long time. The funds invested once pay off not only now but also in the future.

      Increase brand trust

      The more often your website appears in search results, the more trust it can generate. You’ll become a company that is “known” for the potential contractors.
      After all, they have seen your website many times.
      Positioning your website in Google is therefore also a great way to effectively build brand recognition among customers.

      Low costs of reaching possible customer

      Compared to the costs that you have to spend on any other type of marketing, advertising in Google search engine through web positioning or even PPC generates relatively low costs of reaching the customer.
      At the same time, it’s an advertisement that reaches the users already interested in your business offer – at least because they entered the search query themselves, before your website was displayed to them.