Website Positioning

What is meant by website positioning? In its concept, we offer the ongoing process of organic SEO and growth of website’s positions.
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On-Page SEO

The most important part of the Organic SEO. None of 3-rd party factors and Offpage SEO might compensate irrelevant content.
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Off-Page SEO

All internet activity concerning your website promotion: link building, SM profiles, blog posting, articles marketing, branding etc.
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How to make your website #1 in Google

  • Quality Content
  • Thorough Search Engine Optimization
  • Proper Linkbuilding
  • Social Signals
  • PPC (when applicable)

Need it all? Just ask us for SEO & WEB POSITIONING

Why your website needs the Organic SEO

Organic Search engine Optimization – Organic SEO is the complex of techniques and strategies to obtain a higher rankings in Google and other search engines.
Organic SEO has its own benefits comparing to pay-per-click ads. With organic SEO people will find your website much more easy in Google, when they are searching for the products / services you offer.

Long-term effect: instead of sharing your salary with google, you invest in your own website. When you stop paying to Google, you’ll be invisible, on contrary, when you develop your web site with quality content and necessary offpage-seo, your website brings you customers within a years without any serious expenses.

 More legit to the users: Too many people often skip paid ads in search engine reuslt page, going directly to the first organic listing, because they think that it’s more likely that they were looking for.

Better conversion rate: when you have realy interesting content / offers for the users, people always return to your website, while the paid ads guarantee only one-time visit.

organic seo

What is really Organic SEO?

When you create the website by your own, you may put your own quality content and optimize it as possible. Sometimes you may gain top 100 or even top 50 in relevant search. Thus, we can definite the difference between organic growth of website and Organic SEO – Organic Search Engine Optimization is an organic  growth, but accelerated several times as if it had ideal conditions for its own organic development (like was in 90-th and first half of 00-th). So, what we do:

The keywords that any user may type in search engine to look for the website like yours, offering the products / services that you do. We need to define the keywords that are best fit your website offers and may generate the most hits from the users in search engines.

It means a process of creating a quality content. Usually, we work with website with already existing quality content, we just editing it, aiming make it releavant to predefined keywords.

If you don’t have a website yet, or you have it totally outdated, we can create a new one, already seo-optimized, fitting all your needs and google’s requirements. We create websites on CMS DRUPAL (in case of SEO we work with any CMS)

Organic SEO for websites in any european language

English language is no doubt universal for over the world and the most of all websites prefer to be in english or at least to have an english version, but especially in case of european countries, there are a lot of website in native  languages of their countries. We don’t have any language problems, so we work with websites in any european language: english, french, german, italian, russian, polish, scandinavian languages, turkish etc.

Though the people in Europe the most of all prefer Google as a source of internet search (the only exception is Czech republic, where Seznam prevails), thus the tactics and strategies of Organic SEO are similar, but there are some nuances for each country.

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Organic SEO in English is applicable for UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and too many countries in the world. The most competitive market in any internet niche, as for UK as for the rest english-speaking world.
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SEO France
Organic SEO in French is applicable for France, and francophone countires, like Belgium and part of Switzerland and Quebec. The market is very competitive due to developed internet industry.
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SEO Spain
SEO in spanish is applicable not only for Spain, but also for spanish-language countries of America Latina. We offer Organic SEO in spanish as for Spain as for any country of spanish-speaking society.
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SEO Germany
Organic SEO in german. Applicable for german-speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We work with any website in german language in any country for german-speaking audience.
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SEO Italy
Organic SEO italy supposes popularity for italian-language websites. For the best results you should have domain name in .it zone as for italian as for for bilingual websites. Applicable mainly for Italy
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SEO Sweden
Organic SEO in Sweden is most developed market, comparing to the rest Scandinavian countries. The most of sweden businesses utilize only Organic SEO and SEM for popularization of their products and services.

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